Red for Ed: Raising Our Voices, Protecting Public Schools


50k Marched the Streets of Los Angeles with UTLA for Public – the Fight Continues!

50,000 educators, parents, students, and community allies marched the streets of Los Angeles on December 15. This historic march underscored educators’ unwavering commitment to their students’ futures and public education.  See below for highlights!

Stop Retaliation in Oakland Unified!

Oakland Unified refuses to budge on class sizes and pay for educators to help them live where they teach.

And now Oakland Unified School District is using performance evaluations to punish a union activist.

Take Action today to fight back and tell Oakland Unified that retaliation against veteran teacher Kampala Taiz-Rancifer is unacceptable!

Tell Oakland Unified they need to work with teachers to negotiate a living wage, smaller class sizes and more support for students!

Why We’re #RedForEd

When we think about the promise of education today, we see the future leaders of our nation and the qualified educators who reach, teach and inspire them. We see classrooms with modern tools that help students prepare to make an impact on the world. We see students getting the support they need to thrive and educators having the support they need to serve.

We see progress and hope.

But today we also see budgets being cut, overcrowded classrooms and outdated materials. We see educators working around the clock to make a difference in the lives of their students and standing up to lawmakers to ask for better pay and school funding. We’re raising our voices together for our students, for our schools and for ourselves as educators.

That’s why we’re wearing Red for Ed.

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Fighting for Our Students

Budget cuts and underfunding have made it harder for educators to prepare their students. Our students deserve better, and so do we. That’s why we push public officials to make funding decisions that better account for school needs.

Upholding Our Value

Students benefit from educators who know them by name, know their community and have a say in the policies that govern their schools. We must ensure that talented educators can afford to stay in the profession they love.

Advocating for Change

CTA and NEA gives educators a voice to advocate for the better pay, benefits and working conditions that have long been ignored. We deserve, and have earned, pay and benefits that match our expertise, education and professional experience.


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