Calendar of Events

Attendance Awareness

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Improving student attendance is an essential, cost-effective strategy for encouraging student success and reducing achievement gaps. Chronically absent students miss on average two or more days a month, or 10 percent or more of school days over the academic year. Chronic absence is a sign that students may be experiencing barriers getting to school or are disengaged because their school experience makes them feel unsafe and unsupported. For more information and ways to take action, go to #schooleveryday.

Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15–Oct. 15

The month is a good time to help students understand the greater American experience. Teachers of social studies, English, Spanish, or visual arts can use art and portraiture by Latino artists or of Latino figures to enhance students’ understanding of our collective American history. The Smithsonian and the National Portrait Gallery’s Learning Lab collection, at, provides educators digital materials that can add nuance and depth to classroom lessons.

Braceros (1960), by Domingo Ulloa, part of the Learning Lab collection. The painting is of a bracero camp in Holtville, Imperial County. The binational Bracero Program (1942-64) brought Mexican guest workers, known as braceros, to fill in agricultural labor shortages during World War II.
Labor Day

It’s the holiday for working people! Labor Day, this year on Sept. 2, honors the rich heritage, struggles and achievements of American workers and celebrates the contributions of working people today. Here are ways to join your fellow educators and working people throughout the country to celebrate:

  • Attend a local Labor Day event with your union colleagues. Find one near you on the California Labor Federation’s website (
  • Talk about unions. At that cookout or family gathering, consider starting conversations about fair wages, expanding worker protections, equal pay for equal work, and how unions help working people.
  • Display your union pride! Go to for our poster (perfect for classroom, office or community space) and graphics for your social media.
  • Spread the word! Post and tweet about #LaborDay2019 and join the national conversation.
International Day of Peace, Sept. 21

This year’s theme, “Climate Action for Peace,” recognizes that climate change causes clear threats to international peace and security. Natural disasters force millions to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere; the salinization of water and crops is endangering food security; and the impact on public health is escalating. Growing tensions over resources and mass movements of people affect every country on every continent.

“Climate Action” is one of 17 sustainable goals adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015, calling for immediate action to lower greenhouse emissions, build resilience, and improve education on climate change. Have students learn more and get involved at #peaceday #climateaction.

Events to Remember

Women’s Equality Day, Aug. 26
National Arts in Education Week, Sept. 8–14
Native American Day, Sept. 27

Regional Leadership Conferences
Region II    Sept. 20–22  Reno, Nevada
Region III  Sept. 27–29  Los Angeles
Region I   Oct. 11–13   Burlingame
Do you have what it takes to be an association leader? Learn the ropes or increase your skill set.

CCA Fall Conference
Oct. 11–13   Conference
Hilton San Jose. The Community College Association’s fall conference offers a variety of trainings, highlights members’ accomplishments, and focuses on membership engagement.

NEA Foundation Grants
Oct. 15  Application Deadline
The NEA Foundation awards grants to educators: Student Achievement Grants support improving academic achievement; Learning and Leadership Grants support high-quality professional development. Applications are reviewed three times a year.

Voluntary dues contribution
Nov. 1  Opt-Out Deadline
Voluntary annual contributions by members support CTA Foundation’s grants/scholarships and CTA’s advocacy efforts. New members are automatically enrolled in the default contribution of $10 for the CTA Foundation and $10 for advocacy. Members may change their allocation or opt out. New members have 30 days from the date of enrollment; previously enrolled members have a window from Aug. 1 to Nov. 1.

American Education Week
Nov. 18–22  Event
American Education Week is celebrated the week prior to Thanksgiving week and includes special days to honor parents, education support professionals and substitute teachers.

CTA Events: The Year Ahead

Region II Leadership Conference
Sept. 20–22, 2019
Reno, Nevada

Region III Leadership Conference
Sept. 27–29, 2019
Los Angeles

Region I Leadership Conference
Oct. 11–13, 2019

CCA Fall Conference
Oct. 11–13, 2019
San Jose

State Council of Education
Oct. 25–27, 2019
Jan. 24–26, March 27–29, June 5–7, 2020
Los Angeles

New Educator Weekend South
Dec. 6–8, 2019
San Diego

LGBTQ+ Issues Conference
Dec. 13–15, 2019
San Francisco

Issues Conference
Jan. 17–19, 2020
Las Vegas, Nevada

ESP Leadership Academy
Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2020
Session 1: Burlingame
March 27–29, 2020
Session 2: Los Angeles

Good Teaching Conference North
Feb. 7–9, 2020
San Jose

CCA Winter Conference
Feb. 7–9, 2020
San Diego

New Educator Weekend North
Feb. 21–23, 2020

CTA/NEA-Retired Issues Conference
Feb. 27–28, 2020
Location TBD

Equity and Human Rights Conference
Feb. 28–March 1, 2020
Location TBD

Read Across America
March 2, 2020

Good Teaching Conference South
March 13–15, 2020
Garden Grove

CCA Spring Conference
April 24–26, 2020

Region IV Leadership Conference
May 1–3, 2020
San Diego

California Day of the Teacher
May 13, 2020

May 19, 2020

Presidents Conference
July 16–19, 2020
San Jose

Summer Institute
July 26–30, 2020
Los Angeles