FAQs: the current draft page and link (dayofactionFAQs) are good. We’ll use this as the main page, as you suggested with internal bookmarks/sections and references/links to these other pages and sites within in
• Getting Here: dayofactionGettingHere will link to this draft document. Like the expense document below, this one should be separate so it can be easily printed out or looked at as a separate document.
• Expenses/Reimbursement: dayofactionExpenses will link to a yet to be created doc of rules/processes for submitting expense reimbursements
• Sac City Action: dayofactionSCTA will link to a separate sheet of instructions for getting to the Serna Center and from the Serna Center to the Capitol (we’ll also be handing out a palm card at the SCTA rally that a will make reference to this page, which will have parking and driving info, etc. that is specific to the Serna Center only). This should be separate so we can isolate this event, with its own specific set of instructions that others don’t need to see (or that we prefer only the SCTA folks see… like their special SacPark reservation system).