Union School District Teachers Are United: You can’t put students first if you keep putting teachers last

Educators want support for teaching; a fair contract that reflects their excellent teaching

Union District Education Association (UDEA) members are united in support of their bargaining team’s efforts to negotiate professional salaries.  They say teachers, who are a student’s most important resource, are not priorities in the district’s budget. They took their message to the streets of San Jose during a budget study session to educate the public about what they do as professional educators, and how district management can step up to improve student learning. Negotiations between UDEA and the Union School District (USD) continues today.

UDEA members say teachers are being asked to do more and more. “And while district revenues have increased year after year, our salaries have decreased in the percentage of the district’s total budget,” said UDEA President Kathy Hudson. “In addition, USD teachers pay more in out-of-pocket expenses for health care than all other districts in the county.” All of the USD elementary sites are designated as Gold Ribbon Schools, yet elementary teachers do not have any prep time to prepare lessons for children. All the preparation they do is on their own individual time.

“Teachers are creating and implementing increasingly complex curriculum, and are not given time to prepare lessons. Some curriculums include: Eureka Math, Edu Protocols and Guided Reading, Writer’s Workshop, and Words Their Way,” she said. “Teachers tell me the hypocrisy of the Union School District School Board is astounding.”

Teachers are concerned about ever-increasing class size. USD parents passed a parcel tax to reduce class size in November of 2015, “but district managers won’t agree to smaller class sizes in bargaining,” Hudson noted. “And, district managers indicated they do not plan to return the full amount of the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) they recently received to its hardworking teachers. Where is that money being allocated?”

Educators are also concerned about expectations to mainstream or fully include Special Education students into these already increased class sizes without support and resources to ensure success for all students.

Parents are encouraged to learn more about negotiations by visiting UDEA’s website. “They need to know USD teachers are not feeling supported by their district managers or the USD school board,” Hudson said.


  1. The district’s attorney has said at the table that it is not about the ability of the district to pay. It’s that they are unwilling to pay. What an injustice to hard working teachers who live in one of the highest areas to live in the country.

  2. Our teachers have always had to fight for their compensation, benefits, class size etc…. It’s about time our Board stepped up and let them use their time towards their classes and not bargaining for what they deserve!

    Tear apart the budget!!! There has to be money to allocate to salaries somewhere…be creative and critique each and every line item.

    As far as Special Ed…. They need to be supported and those funds used to be a separate bucket…. These kids deserve a chance to thrive in society not pushed to the back of the class!

    Please help USD Board make the right decisions …. it could cost us our amazing staff that has resulted in the Distinguished Schools…. I have three grown very successful kids who are a direct result of the USD excellent education with excellent teachers!

  3. Too many Directors and Administration with high salaries and benefits, also board members with a cushiony medical benefits. The teachers and the staff doing most the work.
    I worked there for just a short time. You can see where most the money goes. Sad.

  4. I vow to due what I can do to help our schools, teacher’s, students, and families find the core of the issues. Be it correct and fair allocation of funding , or any other issues that any tyrannical Monopoly is unfairly, unconditionally, and just plain unethically imposing upon us all! This affects us all! And I stand with you.. I will so all I can do, as love , God, and goodness leads me. I will stand up with you, and pursue truth pertaining to matters! This is where my heart leads me, and redemption and truth will prevail 🙏🇺🇸👍👍.

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