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Seven takeaways from CTA President Toby Boyd’s speech to State Council

In his first speech to the CTA State Council of Education as CTA president, E. Toby Boyd outlined the recent historic successes won by our solidarity and set a vision for the year to come. Here are seven takeaways from his speech

  1. “Making connections with each other and our communities makes us stronger advocates for our students, our union and public education.” – E. Toby Boyd
  2. The new landmark charter school laws, just signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, head a long list of victories powered by CTA members and our collective advocacy during this year’s legislative session. Together, we made history! See what these new laws mean for our students.
  3. Our students deserve better than 39th! Despite having the fifth largest economy in the world, California’s per-student spending ranks 39th among states, placing us in the bottom third nationwide.
  4. The Schools and Communities First (SCF) initiative will close corporate tax loopholes and reclaim $12 billion a year in funding for education and public services in our communities. Share the importance of this initiative with your networks and communities, and help collect signatures to place it on the November 2020 ballot.
  5. Schools and Communities First is a major step in fighting widespread inequity in our schools and neighborhoods and will help reverse years of chronic underfunding of services for working families and all students.
  6. Corporations and the wealthy interests who oppose public education will continue spending millions to keep the status quo, but together we have a secret weapon: Educator Power!
  7. “Our work never stops as educators and advocates. But with students at the center of everything we do, it never really feels like work.” – E. Toby Boyd
CTA President E. Toby Boyd

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