Election 2020: Compare the Presidential Candidates

Non-partisan online tool shows where hopefuls stand on core education issues

As the race to the White House heats up, it’s important to know where the presidential candidates stand when it comes to core education issues and policies. And while the most recent Democratic candidate debate finally included substantial discussion about public education, a forum with a stage full of people talking over each other is not the best way to learn where each hopeful stands on issues like education funding, school privatization, class sizes, charter schools, early childhood education and school vouchers.

As a service to educators and their communities, NEA developed an online presidential candidate comparison tool to see every candidate’s position on education issues that matter. This non-partisan tool is a part of the Strong Public Schools campaign, launched by NEA to provide insight and information about the 2020 presidential candidates and their education policies.

Click above to select candidates and compare their positions on key education issues.

Eight of these candidates participated in a Q&A during this year’s NEA Representative Assembly, offering their vision for public education in response to questions from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

“It is the work of this union to be prepared to be powerfully engaged in the most important election in our lifetime,” she said. “Every election is about the future, but this one is to protect our democracy. We will need more information and more member engagement than ever before.”

Visit for candidates’ positions on education in their own words, news and events, and even a chance to submit video questions to candidates about issues that matter to you.

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