California’s Educators Mourn Tragic Death of Two of Their Own Who Were Aboard the Conception

Teachers from Lincoln Unified School District, located in Stockton, and Fremont Unified School District were among those killed in the tragic Conception boat fire off the coast of Santa Barbara.  

Raymond (Scott) Chan, a member of the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association (FUDT) was with his 26-year-old daughter, Kendra, a wildlife biologist.  

Angela Rose Quitasol, a member of the Lincoln Unified Teachers Association (LUTA), was with four members of her family: sisters Evanmichael and Nicole, father Michael, a nurse who formerly taught in the Stockton Unified School District, and stepmother Fernisa Sison.

“The world lost two incredible teachers on Monday,” said CTA President E. Toby Boyd. “Our hearts hurt for the families of Scott Chan and Angela Rose Quitasol, beloved and inspiring teachers who dedicated lives to sharing their love for physics and science with their students.  We join the Lincoln and Fremont education communities in mourning their loss in this sad and tragic event, and send their families and students healing prayers.”

CTA is supporting the local school districts’ efforts in providing support to students and teaching colleagues through the union’s Traumatic Assistance and Emergency Management Cadre. 

FUDTA President Victoria Birbeck says colleagues are reaching out to the family to assist in accessing member benefits and insurances provided by CTA and assisting district efforts to support Scott’s family and students.

Lincoln is a small town and LUTA President Tiffany Fuhrmeister says Quitasol was active in the union and her family was active in the community. She says union members are raising funds to help with funeral arrangements for the family on GoFundMe.

“Angela Rose Quitasol’s deepest passion in life was teaching. Her first priority was always to make sure her students felt safe and intensely loved. Beyond that, she believed it was her role as a teacher of science to bring life and joy to a subject that students often feel is difficult. Her teacher heart was filled to the brim each time a former student came to visit and share their life with her,” Fuhrmesiter said. “She knew that was a gift and never took it for granted. Angela’s passion, light, and love filled every space she entered. We are fortunate that her spirit lives on in her family, friends and former students. We all have a little piece of her light within us and must remember to continue to shine through this tragedy.”

“Evanmichael, Angela’s sister, and her father, Michael, were staunch union supporters and often helped stand with teachers on picket lines,” she added. 


  1. Just a fact correction: Lincoln Unified Teachers Association (LUTA) represents teachers in Lincoln Unified School District in Stockton, California not Lincoln, California as stated/implied in the article. Lincoln Unified school district is a small district in a very large city.

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