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New Educators Get a Boost From California Casualty

Conference scholarships support member training, networking

Conference scholarships support member training, networking

The first year in the classroom brings a mix of excitement, enthusiasm and nagging worry. There’s anxiety about fitting in, gaining student respect, and wondering how much support you’ll be able to access. After all the schooling and student teaching, things are about to get real. It can be a little overwhelming.

Surveys have found that as many as 45 percent of new teachers leave the profession before their fifth year, citing stress and lack of resources as top reasons. This has created a shortage of teachers and education support professionals for many school districts across California. CTA’s New Educator Weekend (NEW) conferences are working to make a difference for new educators. NEW’s sessions cover:

  • Classroom management to create a productive and inspiring learning environment.
  • Navigating IEPs and special education areas.
  • “What I wish I knew my first years of teaching.”
  • CTA resources and programs such as professional development, CTA’s Retirement Savings Plan, CTA Member Benefits and more.

The NEW conferences also allow educators to connect with others and learn about the value of CTA membership. Those who have attended note that the experience was “priceless,” and that the conference left them inspired, motivated and more confident of their success.

California Casualty field marketing manager Tami Phillips (left) with NEW conference scholarship recipient Stephanie Gospe.

CTA auto and home insurance partner California Casualty supports NEW with conference registration scholarships for educators in their first three years of teaching. This past year, California Casualty awarded 13 scholarships to CTA members through various CTA service centers.

Association of Rowland Educators President Shay Lohman was thrilled with the opportunity to help one of their members. “Our member walked away from the New Educator Weekend with a deeper understanding of our union, and the benefits that unionism provides,” he says. “We are excited to work with great community partners such as California Casualty that share our union values.”

“Working with our local chapters to engage and assist our newest CTA members is a major focus for all of us at California Casualty.

We are happy to be able to help many deserving educators in their efforts to learn and grow in their profession,” says California Casualty Assistant Vice President Lisa Almeida.

First-year educator Stephanie Gospe, from the Sebastopol Elementary Teachers Association, was another scholarship recipient. She says the weekend alleviated much of the apprehension she was facing as a new teacher. “I found the classroom management and lesson planning sessions very helpful.”

“I found the classroom management and lesson planning sessions very helpful.”

—Stephanie Gospe, Sebastopol Elementary Teachers Association

Gospe and her husband also decided to see if the CTA auto and home insurance program from California Casualty could benefit them. They combined their policies with California Casualty and ended up saving over $400 a year.

California Casualty will be providing more opportunities for new educators to attend New Educator Weekends this coming year. Contact your local chapter or service center for information.

And learn more about the benefits CTA members receive from California Casualty at calcas.com/CTA, and all your member benefits at CTAMemberBenefits.org.

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