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Back-to-School Night Tips

Adapted from NEA Member Benefits

This is an optimal time for you to meet with parents and share information that can make your job easier. Here are some examples:

1. Capture contact information.

Provide each parent with paper and pencil and ask them to jot down their name, phone number and email address. Additionally, explain how you will be contacting parents and how you like to be contacted in return.

2.  Share expectations and wishes.

Let parents know what you expect from their children both academically and regarding behavior, such as completing homework on time and respecting others. You can also share your wishes for classroom needs such as Kleenex or composition books.

3.  Share schedules for the rest of the year.

Parents will appreciate knowing ahead of time important dates that will impact them. This also makes it less stressful for you when it comes time to collect field trip money or find chaperones. Similarly, let parents know now when conferences will be scheduled.

4.  Let parents know how to volunteer in and for the classroom.

Consider creating lists for parents, which outline tasks such as photocopying, stapling, reading out loud with students, etc., and say when the task needs to happen and how long it will take.

5.  Talk about digital needs and requirements.

If your district uses an online system of communication, scheduling and grading, tell parents how to access the information. If families lacdigital access, figure out the best way to communicate with them — and the best way students can do homework and outside research and projects.

For more tips and ideas, go to cta.org and search “back to school night.”

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