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New CTA Ads: Educators Speak Out

CTA’s latest ads give voice to members on student needs, why they teach.

CTA’s latest ads give voice to members on student needs, why they teach.

In one of the new TV ads from the CTA Media Fund, several educators describe their favorite part of teaching.

Ever Flores-Deras, a school counselor, speaks of the need for more school nurses and counselors.

“My favorite part is when I greet my students when they come in, because I know what great things we have in store in the classroom,” says Rodney Brown, Oakland Education Association. “When they come into my classroom, they’re able to get in touch with who they are,” says Marisa Villegas, also an OEA member.

In a radio ad, educators are forceful advocates for their students and what they need. “Smaller class sizes,” says Angelia Brye-Jones, Sacramento City Teachers Association.

“We are shaping the future in our students.”

—Ever Flores-Deras, Healdsburg Area Teachers Association president

“A lot more school nurses, a lot more school counselors,” adds Rosie Reid, Mt. Diablo Education Association, one of the California Teachers of the Year.

“Counselors provide that social-emotional core that’s needed,” says Brown.

Marisa Villegas says her favorite part of teaching is when students discover themselves.

Villegas says, “Schools need to be safe places for our children to learn.”

Roxana Dueñas, United Teachers Los Angeles, and Ever Flores-Deras, Healdsburg Area Teachers Association, participate in both the English and Spanish-language spots.

The spots, which run throughout August and into early September, build on the ads that ran in May and use the same educators. In addition to TV and radio, the campaign includes online and ethnic print ads.

You can watch and hear them at youtube.com/CaliforniaTeachers.

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