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The Grateful Teacher Planner

Rachel Hallquist, an induction coach for new teachers and member of the Mt. Diablo Education Association, created and designed The Grateful Teacher Planner as a tool for educators to bolster their resiliency and happiness in the profession.

“I saw the negative impact teacher stress has on students, particularly in the high turnover rates in our high-needs schools,” Hallquist says. “I tested gratitude journaling as a strategy to support positive emotions, and found it worked with the teachers that used it.”

This makes sense, says Hallquist, because “when we pause to give some weight to what is working in our practice, we feel good about our practice.”

The planner provides a space for teachers to think about what is working, why it’s working, and why it’s important for students. It also has productivity tools such as weekly lesson planning pages, calendars, communication logs, and student data sheets.

It’s available on Hallquist’s website,, and on Amazon in both English and Spanish.

“Having gratitude embedded in my planner helps make this powerful habit happen,” Hallquist says.

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