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CTA Ads Underscore Educators’ Advocacy for Students

New ads underscore educators’ advocacy for students

Educators are tireless supporters and advocates for all students, and in the latest ads from the CTA Media Fund they explain why.

“The needs our students have for emotional counseling are not being met,” says Marisa Villegas in one of the ads.

“Students need art and music. More creative kids tend to be better problem-solvers,” continues Rosie Reid, who is one of California’s 2019 Teachers of the Year.

“I’m out there fighting for smaller class sizes, more counselors and more nurses,” says Angelia Brye-Jones in another ad.

The spots aired in May, including one in Spanish.

Ever Flores-Deras and Roxana Dueñas are featured in the Spanish-language ad. Dueñas is known as the face of UTLA’s teachers strike in January because she was featured on protest posters.

“Our students don’t have part-time needs,” she says in the ad, “so they can’t have part-time solutions.”

To view the spots, go to youtube.com/californiateachers.

Participating Educators

Rodney Brown, Oakland Education Association

Angelia Brye-Jones, Sacramento City Teachers Association

Roxana Dueñas, United Teachers Los Angeles

Ever Flores-Deras, Healdsburg Area Teachers Association president

Rosie Reid, Mt. Diablo Education Association

Marisa Villegas, Oakland Education Association

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