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Small and Mighty Vallecitos Educators Want Respect

Tucked into a quiet corner of North County San Diego, the town of Rainbow was once known as Vallecitos (Little Valley), and while their 12 member Vallecitos Education Association (VEA) may be small, there is nothing little about the fight they’ve joined.

Members have united in an effort to get a fair settlement and are currently in mediation.  Inexplicably, teachers in the K-8 Vallecitos School District have not received a pay increase since 2015-16, despite a 93% unduplicated pupil count-among the highest in San Diego County. VEA members work tirelessly to serve a population of students who rely on their school community for critical support.

 Doing so as one of the lowest paid districts in San Diego County has hurt students and impacted continuity and climate in the district. Since 2017, 25% of the teaching staff left for higher pay and better benefits in the past two years.

VEA may be small in number, but the association has made a big commitment to ensuring their students will receive the best education and opportunities possible.  

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