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Follow These CTA Instagram Influencers

CTA member Instagram influencers impact their classroom and community

Educators across the world are using Instagram to show their passion and teaching expertise, connect with other educators, share resources and ideas, and promote equity in the classroom. Many are also using the platform to mobilize and organize around educator rights and education advocacy. Follow these CTA Teacher Instagram Influencers:

Nicole Wong
United Teachers Los Angeles

“My goal on Instagram is to share teaching ideas and strategies with teachers around the world, and to provide inspiration to newcomers to the profession. I aim to show the world a glimpse into the not-so-ordinary teacher life; the struggles and rewards, those standing-ovation-worthy lessons, and the not-so-glamorous meltdown moments.

“Need a writing strategy to engage struggling writers? A behavior management tool? A new approach to that complicated algebra lesson? It’s all on Instagram.”

Vanessa Brooks
San Jacinto Teachers Association

“I use Instagram to share ideas that have worked in my classroom, from classroom management tips to classroom decor. I believe 100 percent I have become a better teacher because of Instagram and the ideas I’ve seen from teachers around the world.

“My goal for Instagram is to be able to impact classrooms all over the U.S. Knowing that an idea you shared helped a group of students on the other side of the country is an amazing feeling. It makes you feel like you have had a bigger impact than what’s in the walls of your school.”

Jill Shafer
Los Alamitos Education Association

“Instagram is my professional development, at my fingertips, and available 24 hours a day.

“The Instagram teacher community can revolutionize your practices, invigorate you, and honestly, remind you why you got into this profession in the first place. You can search hashtags, follow like-minded teachers, and just fill your cup with inspiration and encouragement. I encourage any teacher to hop on and join because it’s made a huge difference in my career.”

Megan DuVarney Forbes
Arcadia Teachers Association

“I use Instagram to share the personal details of my teaching journey, from favorite book recommendations to fair trade fashion information to my analysis of education policy. I share strategies and resources for high-­quality, equitable, diverse, complex, relevant, transformative classrooms. I also learn from effective educators.

“Instagram is one of the most diverse social media platforms, and incredibly important conversations about education happen here. Teachers of color share vital information about their experiences and observations, and the teaching community at large desperately needs to listen to what they have to say.”

Katie Curtis
Redlands Teachers Association

“I use Instagram to get and share classroom ideas (management, academics, organization, tips, etc.), give parents a sneak peek of our classroom, serve as a positive example on social media for my students (example of how social media can be used for good!), and connect with other educators across the country.

“Instagram has provided me with tons of opportunities for myself and for my kids! Teaching conferences, field trip opportunities, Skype with an author, flexible seating opportunities… The benefits are endless!”


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