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Tony Thurmond at Jordan Elementary for Read Across America/California Reads

New Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond was given what he later described as “…the single best welcome I have ever received” in his visit to Jordan Elementary School to participate in its Read Across America/California Reads activities. He took the opportunity to reinforce the importance of reading literacy to every California child.

CA Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond joined other volunteers at the school for Read Across America and California Reads activities that reinforce the value of investment in early and lifelong literacy. The annual effort reminds Americans of the value of literacy to a vibrant, successful educational experience.

The first book Supt. Thurman shared was “I Like Myself” by author Karen Beaumont. As students gathered around him for the read, Thurmond pulled their focus toward a deeper understanding of the theme of the story; the power of a positive self-image. Students listened attentively and peppered the superintendent with answers to his questions about the book.

Witnessing his patient acknowledgment of each child’s willingness to share an insight, it underscored Thurmond’s 2018 campaign focus on providing more resources for early education and literacy programs. Analytics show placing economic weight behind this effort is in line with 2019 budget priorities that include expanding preschool beginning with Low‑Income Students. This is a reasonable, needs‑based approach; and one of the best investments the state of California can make.

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