Picket Lines Grow as Oakland Stands with Educators

Thousands rally and march to fight for Oakland public schools

The widespread show of support for Oakland Education Association (OEA) grew on Day 2 of the strike, as the community picketed, rallied and marched with educators for the resources Oakland students deserve. This after Strike Day 1 that saw 85 percent of Oakland educators actively picketing with nearly 100 percent solidarity in honoring the picket.

Early reports from school sites show increased numbers on the picket lines and even fewer students in schools, as parents, community groups and union activists embrace and support the brave educators of Oakland as they fight for the soul of public education. Energetic picket lines started at 6:30 a.m. at 86 school sites and the Oakland Unified School District central office, as educators showed they are ready to strike as long as it takes to defend Oakland public schools.

“We are standing strong and building on the momentum from yesterday,” said OEA President Keith Brown. “Thousands of teachers united with parents and community out in downtown Oakland, fighting for our students. Keep the picket lines strong!”

Thousands came together for a midday rally that featured labor legend Dolores Huerta and Oakland charter school educators who are standing with OEA in the strike for students.

“I want to make very clear to OUSD: No cuts, no closures, meet the demands of OEA,” said charter school teacher Catie Tombs. “My colleagues and I are here because we’re saying not in our name. You will not shut down these schools in our name. 70 percent of our staff left our school to stand in solidarity with you all.”

Following the rally, thousands marched to the headquarters of GO Public Schools—an organization backed by billionaires that pushes a privatization agenda through charter school expansion under a false narrative of creating school choice and an equal playing field for historically disadvantaged students. In a visual display of the human impacts of unchecked charter school proliferation, parents, students and community members wrote messages about how they have been impacted by school privatization, taping them to the doors and windows of GO’s office.

The OEA bargaining team was in negotiations all day with the district and will hold a press conference at 5:30 p.m. (live on Facebook) to provide an update on the strike.

Support Educators on the Line!

This strike is about the future of Oakland schools and the soul of public education. Be a part of this righteous fight to for the resources Oakland schools need and students deserve.

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