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How to Make Your Video Go Viral

8 traits that can make them catch fire

Do you ever wonder why some videos become viral? Why are some videos constantly on your social media feeds while others get less love?

A viral video, as the name suggests, spreads quickly from one user to the next. There’s a stickiness and contagious aspect to it that encourage people to share. While there is no exact formula for a viral video, many of them share these qualities.

1. Inspiring
Videos that evoke emotion and move us tend to encourage sharing.
Example: Google “Online BFFs meet IRL”

2. Timely and relevant
Some of the most viral videos refer to events in pop culture that people are currently participating in or talking about.
Example: Google “In my feelings challenge”

3. Interactive
A video that encourages people to try something out and share their perspective is sure to catch on.
Example: Google “Yanny Laurel”

4. Humor
Videos that make us laugh may be the most infectious of all.
Example: Google “Chewbacca lady”

5. Provides useful or interesting information
How-to or life hack videos often go viral because they show viewers something they can apply in their life or remember for a future situation.
Example: Google “How to escape quicksand”  

6. Babies or pets
Babies and pets are so lovable that people will spend hours on the Web watching fun videos with them.
Example: Google “Little girl regrets trying wasabi”

7. Weird or shock value
Sometimes videos go viral when they provoke a surprised or disturbing feeling.
Example: Google “Tide Pod challenge”

8. Creativity
Everyone loves a good video that goes outside the box.
Example: Google “Teacher has personalized handshakes with every single one of his students”

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