Stockton School District Will Be Monitored

In January, Stockton Unified School District agreed to five years of state monitoring to settle a complaint by the California Department of Justice over allegations that for years the district and its police department discriminated against black and Latino students and students with disabilities.

The five-year investigation found that black and Latino students were more likely to be punished on campus or taken into custody than other students, and that the district and police used unconstitutional search and seizure practices.

It also found that the district violated the rights of students with disabilities, who were interrogated, restrained and arrested for conduct resulting from their disabilities, said the complaint.

The Justice Department will monitor the district to ensure, among other things, it sets clear policies and procedures on how and when school administrators refer students to law enforcement; creates a diversion program to address minor school-based criminal offenses; and revises policies and procedures on treatment of students with disabilities to prevent discrimination.

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