Campaign 2018

The Ballots Are Coming!

Let your voice be heard: Be a voter this election

Envelopes full of democracy are arriving in mailboxes all over the state, as Vote-by-Mail ballots were sent to 13 million California voters earlier this week. Voter registration is up all over the country as it’s become increasingly evident just how important it is to exercise our right to vote (and what happens when we let others decide for us). And in California, we have some .

That’s one of the reasons we recommend that mail voters complete and return ballots as soon as they arrive. Our lives are all so busy and it’s surprisingly common for ballot envelopes to get misplaced, hidden by other mail or accidentally discarded. Don’t let this happen to you and silence your voice.

Consult a personalized voter guide to see CTA’s recommendations for leaders on your ballot who value educators, support public schools and deserve your vote (like , the to lead our schools). Unless you live in one of the 10 counties that already pay for postage on ballot return envelopes, this will be the last time you need to buy stamps to mail back your ballot (although it’s been Postal Service official policy for years to deliver all mail ballots, postage or not).

Want to Vote-by-Mail? You have until Oct. 30 to request a mail ballot. Check out this video to learn how to become a mail voter. Of course, you need to be registered to vote by Oct. 22 to make sure you can be a voter this election.

And don’t forget to tell your friends and family how important it is to support our public schools and vote Tony Thurmond for State Superintendent. The #EducatorsForTony digital toolkit has a variety of resources to share on your social media accounts, including “” graphics, campaign  and other information about this important election.

There’s another cool way to share why you’re voting for Tony – about how Tony Thurmond is the leader who will stand up for our public schools and the students we educate and nurture. Voters across California are looking to educators for advice on who to vote for in this crucial race—let’s make sure they know that Tony Thurmond is the educators’ choice for Superintendent of Public Instruction!

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