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5 Apps to Keep Kids Engaged All Summer

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We want to keep our students learning all summer long. That’s now easier than ever with apps that are fun and engaging. Here are five to have them try — from how to code to understanding a new language.


(free seven-day trial, $7.99/month after) — iOS, Android
codeSpark Academy is perfect for kids ages 4-9. It uses a patent-pending “no words” interface to teach the basics of computer programming through a variety of interactive learning activities including puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game design and offline printables.

TechTips2Splash Math

(free seven-day trial, $7.99/month after) — iOS, Android
Splash Math is an entertaining K-5 math program that has benefited over 20 million kids. The use of animations, graphics and games helps children master basic concepts in arithmetic, algebra and geometry in a fun and interactive way.


(free) — i0S, Android
Speakaboos is a wonderful reading app for kids ages 2-6, designed to motivate them to read. Over 200 interactive stories and songs turn screen time into reading time. Stories promote active participation, grow vocabulary, and improve comprehension.


(free) — i0S, Android
Babbel offers an enjoyable and easy way for kids of all ages to study 14 languages. Interactive dialogues give students the confidence to speak, and speech recognition technology helps them get pronunciation right.

Hemingway Editor

(free Web version, $19.99 for desktop) — Mac, PC
Hemingway is like a spellchecker, but for style. For students interested in improving their writing skills, it will highlight the words and phrases they should reconsider, for bold, clear writing.


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