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Working to Contract Brings Solana Beach School Board Back to the Table

SOLANA BEACH- After a two-week warning to prepare Solana Beach School District (SBSD) and community members for its impact, Solana Beach Teachers Association (SBTA) began the first day of their work-to-rule protest to bring attention to the lack of a contract after months of ineffective negotiations. As a result, SBSD officials have requested moving the next negotiations period to Monday afternoon in hopes of reaching a settlement.

In its first day of the job action, SBTA set forth guidelines to their teachers that illustrate how much work educators do that falls outside of their paid workday. As of Monday, each SBTA member is encouraged to:

  • Be on campus no more than 7.5 hours
  • Return all emails or phone calls only during the 7.5 hours you are at school
  • Honor the duty-free lunch by eating your lunch in the staff room and not work
  • Use your prep time for instructional purposes- do not donate that time to other use
  • Refrain from spending your own money supporting your job
  • Fulfill your adjunct duties as obligated, but do not volunteer outside regular hours

Teachers are hopeful that after many months at the table SBSD is finally serious about a fair settlement with their outstanding teaching and support staff.

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