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Banning District’s Power Play Leaves Teachers Out in the Cold


Supt. Guillen swears in BTA-endorsed candidates Anne Price and Jason Smith

On a blustery December 7th evening, Banning Unified School District (BUSD) officials intentionally denied Banning Teachers Association (BTA) members access to the regular school board meeting wherein their two endorsed candidates were to be sworn in as newly elected members of BUSD’s Board of Trustees.

Stating a directive from BUSD administration, police officers stood at the door and prevented anyone dressed in red BTA T-Shirts from entering the meeting room. Terse explanations of disruption in previous meetings were given to justify the action.

Once confronted by teachers who were eventually let in, veteran board member Janelle Poulter expressed surprise at the treatment of teachers in the district.

BUSD Board President Alex Cassadas was confronted in public session about the lockout and stated “I’m not sure what happened with the lack of openness. That was the first I’ve seen of that.” Read the local news Record Gazette article here.

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