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*Note: Winning Caption by Paula Brannon, Val Verde Teachers Association*

“Go into teaching”, they said. “It’ll be a breeze”, they said. “You only have to work ten months of the year”, they said.

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Caption this GIF for a chance to win some CTA swag!

Instructions: Leave your caption, name and email in the comments at the bottom of the page. Enter as often as you wish until Jan. 12, 2018. The funniest or most original caption writer will win CTA swag and bragging rights.

We’ll be posting more contests regularly, so be sure to check back soon!

Sample captions (Leave yours in the comments!):

“And in that one moment, she saw her whole life flash before her eyes…”

“Calgon, take me away…”

“Secret to great teaching: caffeine.”

“When low blood sugar has you seeing a sea of moonpies.”

“Did I turn off the oven before I left?”

“Will anyone volunteer to help Agriculture class move some manure?”

“This is the third grade. I’m not going to sign your Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton recommendations.”


  1. “Go into teaching”, they said. “It’ll be a breeze”, they said. “You only have to work ten months of the year”, they said.

  2. “So what do I have to do? asked the students.
    Teacher thinking, “I wrote it on the top right after the word ‘directions'”

  3. 1) So many kids, so many questions… but only one of me.

    2) Whoever turns in all of their homework gets to use their cell phone for the rest of the period

    3) Everyone waiting until the deadline to turn in their work, and want their assignment to be graded immediately

  4. That moment when all 30 of your students brought back their field trip forms but you only made reservations for 25

  5. All the kids AT THE SAME TIME: “Teacher! I’m done! Teacher! Me! I’m done! Teacher! Look! Teacher! I’m done! Teacher! Teacher!”

  6. 1. “I’m done!”… “I’m done!” …”I’m done!”
    Teacher:”I’M DONE!”

    2. “That extra stipend is not enough!”

    3. “I knew it. I should have said YES to class size reduction!”

    4. “OMG, I have to grade all of these? I guess I will need a sub. Never mind — Grrr…subplans!”

  7. Ms. Korhonen, the exchange teacher from Finland, didn’t understand why all the children were claiming to be Finnish!

  8. Teacher passes out test, 5 minutes later. Student one: “Teacher, I am done.” Student two: Me to! Student three: Me to! It was easy.” All students, ” Me to!

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