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Oceanside Community Rejects Suspicious Saturday Sub Hike

In an overwhelming show of community organizing by Oceanside Teachers Association (OTA) leadership, nearly three hundred parents, teachers, and students rallied at a special session Saturday board meeting to reject a call by Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) to raise substitute pay in anticipation of future conflict with teachers over fair compensation and reasonable class sizes.

OTA President Jennifer Skellett was unsympathetic in her expression of the purpose of the meeting; “While we find it disheartening that district officials appear more invested in fighting teachers than educating Oceanside’s students, the board wisely chose to reject this hostile maneuver.”

The community reaction was a repudiation of the district’s wasteful policies that have incited further criticism of the use of resources that are not expressly for the education of Oceanside students.

The sole purpose of the special session meeting was intended to position OUSD to attract substitute teachers in the event of a job action by OTA.

Skellett stated, “What is disappointing is if OUSD had invested a small portion of the effort they have exerted in preparation for adverse responses from OTA, we would have signed a contract months ago.”


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