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Anaheim Teachers Increase Social Media Outreach

Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association (ASTA) is establishing new outreach committees, creating and revamping existing social media sites, and scheduling regular meetings to ensure new content is consistently shared with members.

ASTA’s newly-created Online and Social Media Committee met on November 27th to develop a plan to increase their social media presence through the establishment of regularly-maintained and  pages and to set timelines and work plans in order to launch their new website in January.

Kennedy High School teachers and ASTA leaders Matt Corcoran and Ian Sabala are part of the team working to establish social media norms and guidelines for appropriate use of the chapter’s new and ongoing social media sites.

Sabala explained, “We are working together to both increase and improve our social media presence to give our members more points of entry and a better understanding of our association work.” 

The Committee will use social media analytics to measure levels of outreach and alter their plan after regular evaluation.

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