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800 from California join Families Belong Together March

CTA Delegates in Minneapolis

More than 800 CTA members, families and friends joined thousands of fellow educators from across the country along with local Minnesotans who took to the streets June 30 to send a strong message of solidarity urging President Trump and Congress to stop the inexcusable act of tearing families apart.

“We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now than here marching with students, fellow educators, their parents and all those in the community who join us in demanding that this administration stop playing games with the lives of immigrant children and their families. It’s inexcusable to rip a baby from her mother while she’s nursing. It’s inexcusable to place children in cages while ICE officers incarcerate their parents. This must stop!” said CTA President Eric Heins.

“The order Trump signed does nothing to reunite families and little to ensure this will not continue to happen in our country.”

In the 102-degree heat with 90 percent humidity, peaceful demonstrators marched through the streets of Downtown Minneapolis kicking off with a rally and words from local speakers representing — organizers of the nationwide June 30 march — and other community groups. Thousands marched approximately 1 ½ miles and returned to the Minneapolis Convention Center.

“The undocumented families who have made this journey have dealt with deplorable conditions — anti-hygienic, uncomfortable and hot. I took part in the rally because what this administration is doing is anti-human,” said Daniel Robles, English Language Arts (ELA) and Spanish Language Arts (SLA) middle school teacher in Cabrillo. “They’re more American than Trump will ever be. They have the right to migrate and walk around this continent as freely as they would like.”

to stop the inhumane practice of separating families and to act immediately to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) immigrants who were brought here as children and for whom America is their home.

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